FUNdraising - St. Petersburg


Practically Pikasso HELPS YOU Raise $$!


Practically Pikasso offers many ways for your organization to raise funds!  We work with non-profits, schools, auction committees, you name it!  And we can create one of a kind custom painted SPONSOR RECOGNITION pieces that will be displayed with pride!


Fundraising Options:

SILENT AUCTION PROGRAM ~ Our silent auction program can help you raise maximum funds for your non-profit.  With the donation of custom art work, we can assist you in raising more funds than simple gift certificate donation.  You pick out and purchase your piece.  We give you paints and ideas to create a masterpiece.  We complete your project by donating one hour of custom artwork.  Your organization raises more funds than you ever thought possible!   


BENEFIT DAYS ~ This program can help your non-profit in raising 10-20% of total Pikasso sales depending on your involvement!  We can even help you promote your benefit day!   Click HERE to start planning your benefit day at our studio.


FUNDRAISER CLASSES ~ This program can help your non-profit in raising up to 50% of Pikasso class sales!   Choose from one of our step by step pottery or step by step canvas painting classes and earn up to $25 per attendee!   Click HERE to start planning your fundraiser class.


TILE MURAL WALLS - A great fundraiser for schools, churches, daycares and more!